Within the Foundation, projects are being carried out in the area of Ethiopia. Together with the necessary collaboration of the Salesian Sisters of Zway, these projects have been exclusively financed with funds from the Olmos Vente family and with the rights derived from the book “La Vida que Mereces”.


The activities of the Foundation began in 2008, in memory of Christian-Marc, who died in a traffic accident on April 3, 2007. A series of development projects in Ethiopia were then set and carried out up to nowadays.

  • Computer room in Zway. It allowed the renovation of 50 computers. The computer room of the Salesian Sisters won the prize for excellence of the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia.
  • Energy project in the town of Girmama. Electricity has been brought through pylons and kilometers of wiring, installing transformers in the town of Girmana, in the Zway area.
  • Energy project in the town of Boromo. Similar to the previous one.
  • Drilling of a well in Meki orphanage. Drinking water was found at 100 meters deep. This wáter is now supplied  to the orphanage and the population through pipelines.
  • Construction of a waiting room in the Meki orphanage / pediatric hospital, in collaboration with the Pablo Horstmann Foundation.
  • Water channeling and fountain in the town of Meki.

Recently, other projects that will materialise in the future are being set:

  • Electric mill
  • Extension of classrooms
  • Electric power line in the town of Boromo Walicho
  • Maintenance projects for water pumps and fiberglass tanks in the towns of Boromo Walicho and Girmama